White Horse Farm Catering | Wholesome · Thoughtful · Midwestern Comfort Food
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White Horse Farm supports the farm-to-table movement with an emphasis on wholesome and thoughtful comfort food.

We create high quality menus celebrating the bounty of each season. We honor the farm community and work hard at supporting their cause. We are thoughtful and wholesome in all we do and we stand behind our food and service.


White Horse Farm Employee Commitments


Before all else we serve fresh, wholesome, and thoughtful food.

We keep ourselves clean and tidy, and wash our hands frequently.

We keep a neat, clean, and sanitized kitchen for the sake of good health.

We take the extra steps necessary in all we do, to ensure quality over quantity.

We are always looking for ways to reduce waste and preserve food.

We find ways to up cycle, reuse, and recycle when and where we can.

We keep our outdoor area clean of debris out of respect of our neighbors.

We care for  our environment, plant life, and the earth.

We are not afraid of change, because change means progress.

We are here by choice and because we love what we do.